Vital Information
Title Microbots
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Available (can be reproduced)
Current Location Inactive/Destroyed
Current Owners Unavailable
Previous Owners Hiro Hamada (Creator), Yokai
The Microbots were created by Hiro for the San Fransokyo Tech exhibition with the intention of using them to help improve society's efficiency. However, the first generation of Microbots were stolen and used by Robert Callaghan and mass produced them for his revenge on Alistair Krei.


All of the microbots are all identicle to one another, each with two geometeric pegs and a sphere in the middle, designed to role themselves across a surface. At the end of the bots has a small retractable peg that magnetically connects to other microbots, allowing them to work as a colony.


These small-scale machines are designed to form any solid structure when they converge into one mass. Thanks to their size, they can also form waves and evade damage that comes to them as well as supply strength when together. They are all controlled by a single neurotransmitter, and whoever wears it can command the Microbots to respond by a thought.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

While the first generation microbots have been deactivated, destroyed and/or lost in the void, the likelihood of Hiro (or anybody else for that matter) reproducing them and using them in the future is very likely


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