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Meriwall is the name for the ship between Merida DunBroch and Wee Dingwall from Brave. It isn't a popular ship in the RotBTD fandom or in the Brave fandom, but it has several devoted fans regardless.

Relationship OverviewEdit

As one of Merida's suitors, Wee Dingwall was the least impressive at first glance.  He was very short, not particularly muscular, and he tended to space out during the entire movie due to his general disinterest with the courtship proceedings. In battle, he was subject to blood rages reminiscent of Viking Berserkers, and his father liked to use this to his clan's advantage. Technically, he won the contest for Merida's hand, but only because Fergus startled him, leading to him shooting a bullseye by accident.

However, when he was suitably interested, Wee Dingwall could be very affectionate, kissing Merida's hand for an extended time at the end of the film. He was also a bit of a free-thinker, as he was the second to speak up (after Young Macintosh) and ask for his right to marry whomever he wanted.

When executed, this ship can be eerily similar to Mericcup, if Hiccup were Scottish and didn't have a dragon. Weirdly enough, this fact does not make it any more popular.

Popular AUEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Note: only add examples within the RotBTD fandom

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