Merilout (also known as Snotrida) is the name for the pairing between Merida DunBroch from Brave and Snotlout Jorgenson from How to Train Your Dragon. It is not a popular pairing in the RotBTD fandom, but it has several very loyal supporters.

Relationship Overview Edit

Merida and Snotlout actually have quite a few things in common; they're both athletic, they are both reasonably good at handling animals, and they both have parents who pressure them to live up to traditional gender roles. In fact, these two have probably too much in common, including short tempers, abrasive senses of humor, and excellent weaponry skills.

They wouldn't likely get off to a good start. Snotlout would offend Merida by cluelessly insulting her when he's trying to be flirtatious; Merida, having less patience and more of a temper than Heather or even Astrid, would promptly kick his butt harder than it's ever been kicked before. Perversely, this would probably win Snotlout's honest respect, causing him to back off on the flirting and perhaps even apologize.

After reconciling, the two have potential to be close friends and help each other grow as people. Once he's not trying to impress her into dating him, Snotlout would be free to be himself around her, perhaps even confiding in her about his troubles with his father. Similarly, once she doesn't see him as an enemy or a bully, Merida would be able to express her fears about her mother, her kingdom, and her freedom to a willing listener. Talking to him helps her learn to communicate better with the often obnoxious men of her kingdom, and she in turn helps him learn to flirt more respectfully with women. However, actually seeing him flirt with other women tends to make Merida jealous, which is what alerts her to the fact that she loves him.  This often leads to a final confrontation, in which bot reveal their true feelings for each other.

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