Maleficent AU (also known as Sleeping Beauty AU) is an alternate universe usually within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons universe, but it is also with Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons universe. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup, and Jack are most of the main characters within the tale of Sleeping Beauty, most notably the original Disney animated film and the live-action remake in 2014. This AU is also an offshoot of Fairy Tale AU.

About The AU Edit

Spawned from fan art, this is based on (or even occurs within the same world) the story of Sleeping Beauty, which was also a popular story for centuries. In this AU, the characters live within the same world as the events of Sleeping Beauty and the looming influence of its villain Maleficent. The concept is not that far, as both royalty and fairies and very prominent in the fandom.

As the name implies, the AU's direct influence comes from the original Disney adaptation of the traditional fairy tale, as well as the live-action remake, though this is not required.

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Featured Characters Edit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is portrayed to be Diaval the crow, as he can be turned into human form as himself and also into dragons for all the animal needs, such as a terrible terror for the crow and Toothless or Hookfang as the dragon at the end of the movie. Hiccup is also portrayed as a male Aurora/Sleeping Beauty for the Hijack pairing.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack is cast as Prince Philip for the Hijack pairing.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is commonly seen as Sleeping Beauty. There have also been fans that have cast her as Maleficent.

Extra CharactersEdit

Queen ElsaEdit

Because of the many similarities between the two characters, Elsa's most commonly plays the part of Maleficent. She has also been cast as Aurora on some rare occasions.

Princess AnnaEdit

When Elsa is portrayed as Maleficent and Kristoff as Philip, Anna is seen as Sleeping Beauty/Aurora.

Pitch BlackEdit

Pitch can be a male version of Maleficent. As the two were cast out and want revenge on the ones that have "forgotten" them, by harming the people that they care about.

Mother GothelEdit

When Rapunzel is placed as Sleeping Beauty/Aurora, Gothel is portrayed as Maleficent.

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