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Lucky Cat Café

Lucky Cat Café is a Cafe featured in Big Hero 6. It is owned by Cass Hamada and is also the home of Hiro, Tadashi (until his death), Baymax and Mochi.


The Café is Located on the corner of a hill street, in San Fransokyo.


The café is open for business every day; however, it was closed on one occasion during the dark hours when the family was mourning the death of Tadashi, who lost his life in an explosion at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

The café is also where Aunt Cass does her "stress eating" after picking up Tadashi and Hiro from the police station after the bot fights.


Notable LocationsEdit

Café FloorEdit


While down steers is the café, up streets (on the second floor) is the Hamada living quarters; living room, kitchen and probably where Cass sleeps.

Hiro and Tadashis' RoomEdit

Tadashi and Hiro share their bed room on the top floor. Tadashi has a frame on his side of the room to give him some privacy or to block out the flash and noises, when his brother is working on a "late night project". While Hiro as a work desk next to his side, as he uses it to plan, come up and make some of his "toys", like Megabot.

Hiro's Lab/GarageEdit

The garage serves as Hiro's lab, where he made his Microbots, Baymax's first armor and the team's hero suits and gears. The garage also served as a training and testing "ring" for Baymax's Fighting Chip. Hiro and his friends sometimes go to the lab to hangout.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

The café can serve as a meeting and hangout place for The Modern Four, the Big Four and other such characters and teams in the Big Hero 6 world and crossovers.