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Lord of the Rings AU 
is an Alternate Universe in which the characters of the Big Four live in the world known as Middle-Earth, living through the history of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (collectively known as the Tolkienverse). It is not very well-known, but it is slowly gaining popularity.

About the AUEdit

Some people use this AU by filling in the Big Four and related characters as the characters in The Lord of the Rings - in other words, creating a direct analogy with the storyline. Others, however, choose to keep the Big Four closer to their original incarnations, and instead have them swept up in the events of the Tolkienverse, or meeting and interacting with the characters within.

This AU has prime potential, due to the nature of the crossovers. The Tolkienverse can easily accomodate for the fantastical elements of the Big Four, such as Rapunzel's healing hair, since there is already magic within it. In fact, the Tolkienverse also includes dragons, so incorporating the characters of How to Train Your Dragon is extremely easy.

Featured CharactersEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup could fit into several different roles within the LOTR AU. For example, given that in his movie he lives with a seafaring people, Hiccup could be either one of the Teleri Elves or the Númenóreans. 

If he were to be portrayed as his original self, he would likely play a key role in the conflicts of Middle Earth, due to the fact that he can control dragons. Dragons were some of the deadliest and darkest weapons used by Melkor, and the fact that Hiccup trained and even befriended them would be extremely shocking to the outside world.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack Frost, as a supernatural being, could likely be portrayed as one of the Istari, further cemented by his possession of a staff. In fact, he could be played off as one of the Blue Wizards who never actually appear in Tolkien's writings. In this case, the Guardians would probably mirror the White Council.

If he remains his own self, Jack Frost could possibly be similar to beings that don't show much care for the affairs of Middle Earth, only getting involved in manners of grave importance, if even then. However, if he was already in the Guardians, he would probably show much more concern, and be more active in fighting the forces of darkness.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida could be portrayed as any of the races from the Tolkienverse. Her skill in archery, plus the fact that she lives in a woodland realm, would make her very easy to portray as an elf. However, her incredible stubbornness is very reminescent of dwarvish attitudes (although she doesn't appear very dwarf-like). Of course, having her be human allows these traits to exist together.

As her original self, Merida would likely be very concerned about the fate of DunBroch in the wars of Middle Earth. Her fiery personality could lead to diplomatic troubles, and there's the possibility that she could even be deceived by Melkor or Sauron to act in what she believes is DunBroch's best interests while merely playing into their hands. Of course, she would not knowingly take up any dark cause, and realizing their lies would surely act against them.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel, as Princess of Corona and heir to the throne, would clearly be royalty of a very important kingdom in Middle Earth. If not Corona itself, Rapunzel could be portrayed as a princess of Gondor, or another related kingdom. If she has her blond magical hair, her appearance would befit one of the Rohirrim, possibly filling in for Éowyn. Of course, again if she has powers, she could be one of the Elves, possibly one of the Noldor. Her diamond wedding ring can serve as one of the rings that were made for the Elves.

As her own self, Rapunzel would still be of great diplomatic relevance in the world. Corona would almost certainly be considered a major power, and would have to choose a side in any wars that took place. Her origin from a drop of sunlight could be explained by sorcery, from one side or the other, thus increasing her important in Middle Earth.

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