Lord Milori
Milori 1
Vital statistics
Title Lord Milori, Winter Lord, Lord of Winter, The Minister of Winter
Gender Male
Film Secret of the Wings (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Friends Unnamed Snow Owl, Queen Clarion, Dewey, Periwinkle, Sled
"They disregarded the dangers and crossed the border."
—- Lord Milori

Lord Milori, better known as The Minister of Winter, is the Sparrowman ruler of the Winter Woods of Pixie Hollow and former (now back to current) consort of Queen Clarion.




Milori's Wings

While not mean spirited and cynical, Milori is a very dower and serious individual. He helped establish a border for warm fairies and winter fairies, creating the law as a means to keep both sides safe and healthy, even if is means he cannot be with his love Queen Clarion. He takes no joy in anybody's suffering, opening old wounds to explain to Periwinkle why she cannot be with Tinker Bell and comforting her.

After helping save the tree in Pixie Hollow and lifting the ban, it can be assumed that he stays with Clarion, his hopes renewed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a sparrowman, he was capable of flight (before his wing broke from the heat), a power that would have been nullified in the absence of pixie dust.

Like all fairies, he is immortal, but it is unclear whether or not it is because of their biology or the magical properties of Neverland.

Being the Lord of the Winter Woods, Milori has many powerful abilities yet to be revealed. It can be assumed that he has abilities usually associated with winter, including the power of ice and snow. As a winter fairy, has has a difficult time surviving in warmer temperatures, hence why his wing is broken and has to use a snow owl to get around.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Like Queen Clarion, Milori's duties and reign remain in Pixie Hollow (as well as the rest of Neverland by proxy). This no doubt keeps Milori in Pixie Hollow, meaning that whatever plot or storyline (with the exception of AUs) that involve Milori would only occur in Neverland.


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