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Loraxler (also know Truffulashippingis) is the name of the pairing between The Once-ler and The Lorax from The Lorax (2012). It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

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In the movie, The Lorax and the Once-Ier hate at first, because Once-Ier is destroying the forest and Once-Ier believe he is a fraud and it is not magic, even the Lorax tries to pull together to others of the forest animals by throwing his water bed, later promised not to cut the trees and begins to live with the Lorax and other animals, making them neighbors but when Thneed become popular and family begins to destroy the forest.The he annoyed Once-Ier, later the Lorax will talk with to avoid further cutting, but does not believe the damage done until the last tree is cut, When that happens the Lorax land disappears. After that The Once-Ier. decides to isolate the rest sorry for what he did, the end of the movie, The Lorax back and embrace, presumably meaning that at the end are friends.

Both the book and television special, The Lorax is a creature of peace that comes to peacefully resolve the conflict with Once-Ier, The Once-Ier not realize you are doing wrong and continuous cutting the trees until lorax extinguished and disappears, he says he never felt so sad and in the face of the Lorax at that time. The Lorax never displayed returns in both.

In-fandom it is believed that both are very good friends at the end of the movie and even in some cases beyond a romance, in this case The Lorax is often portrayed as a human or human environment.

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