Little Yama
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Vital Information
Title Little Yama
Film Big Hero 6 (2014)
Status Unavailable
Current Location San Fransokyo
Current Owners Mr. Yama
Previous Owners
Little Yama is name of Yama's robot that he used to win Bot Fights until is was destroyed by Hiro's bot.


A Samurai like bot with a claw for a right hand and a shield that can be come a buzz-saw for a left hand, along with one red eye and round body.


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Little Yama vs. Megabot

In the backstreet Bot Fights Yama uses his bot (that he named after him) to win fights, stay champion, gain more money for him and his gang and to show people who is boss.

Little Yama's day as his owner's Golden Goose ended when it was "taken out" by Hiro Hamada's Megabot. One moment it was fighting a child's toy in the first, then the second round it got destroyed by a spinning killer bot.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Little Yama is mostly seen in the Botfighting AU or in robot related crossovers with Yama.