Lego AU is an AU where the Big Four exist within the world of Lego. This AU can be considered as a sub-scenario of Toys AU.

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In this AU, members of the fandom are portrayed as Lego figurines, as they are place in one of the many Lego series or in their very own. As their films and the worlds they come from are given a Lego flier and touch; as some of the members and their worlds in the fandom already have one.

Some fans however, prefer to cast the four in Lego TV shows that are based on known Lego sets and series (like Ninjago). As well as being portrayed as characters from the 2014 computer-animated adventure comedy film, The Lego Movie.

The game, Lego Dimensions can allow the Lego versions of the four to travel to each others Lego Worlds, along with traveling to many others; which could make this AU an alternative to Arcade AU.

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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Because of Hiccup's Viking heritage, he'll most likely be placed in the Viking Lego set. Fans have also used their lego to build scenes and dragons from How to Train Your Dragon and turning Lego figurines into characters from the films and DreamWorks Dragon series.

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Big Hero 6Edit

Since there is a Lego set of Marvel and the Big Hero 6 team are based on the Marvel comic version of the team, they can either be placed in the Lego Marvel set in their original comic book forms or as their Disney version selves. As well as being placed in a Lego set of their own, as fans have drawn and have used six Lego figurines to make Lego versions of the team; and of Yokai.

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