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Leafmen AU (also known as Epic AU) is a fairly new AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom.
In the AU, the Big Four live in the same secret world as that of the leafmen from Epic (2013), adapted from the William Joyce's The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs. This AU is often considered to be an extension to the EU (Extended Universe), Rise of the Epic Brave Tangled Dragons.

About the AUEdit

With the establishment of Epic in the fandom, many fans have theorized the idea of the Big Four (and their allies, enemies, etc.) existing in the world of the leafmen and existing as the species found there, from bugs to the flower people and leafmen themselves.


The cover of "The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs"

Many fans have made the theory that the world established in The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs may infact exist within the same universe as Guardians of Childhood, a book series also written by William Joyce. On the cover of the original book, the leafmen stand stoickly while a full moon is in the night sky, sporting a large smiling face. This may alude to the idea that the Man in the Moon may exist within the Leafmen's story and may have a hand in their duties and existence.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup is portrayed as a bird rider and trainer. While his free time is spent flying through the forest with his bird Toothless, most of his days are spent training birds for Bufo's rigged races. Being small and insignificant in Bufo's eyes, Hiccup is often bullied or even manipulated for Bufo's selfish desires. However, when he sees Nod talking with Ronin about Tara's death, Hiccup gathers the courage to quit his job and help the Leafmen fight the Boggans.

Fans have also portrayed him as Mary Katherine and Queen Tara for the Hijack pairing and sometimes as Nod, as they both know how to ride on "winged steeds", good with a sword and for the Hiccstrid and Moaniccup pairings. He is also portrayed as the Prince of the Forest, when Jack is a Boggan Prince for a Epic version of Romeo and Juliet.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack is cast between a Leafman or a Boggan (even as the prince of the Boggans) that falls in love with Hiccup as a Leafman and the prince of the forest for a Epic version of Romeo and Juliet. Jack is also portrayed as Nod and Ronin, with Hiccup or Elsa as Mary Katherine or Queen Tara.

Jack can also be a Boggan that left Mandrake and Fortress Wrathwood when he had enough of being surrounded by "rot" and went to star a new life in Moonhaven. Because of his race, Ronin, the Leafmen and the rest of the Jinn cast him cold glares as they fear that he may turn on them at any moment or time, but Queen Tara saw how much he wanted a fresh start and to be surrounded by life, she took Jack in and keeps him by her side; until Ronin agrees to look pass his origins and to let him become a leafman. After Tara was killed by his former leader's son, he offered Ronin his assertions to keep the pod safe and out of the Boggans' grasp; but Ronin told him to stay away from pod and him, as he blamed him for Tara's death and feared he'll use the pod to make himself king of the forest so the people would accept him. When Ronin, Nod, MK and Hiccup went to get the pod back from Mardrake, Jack helped them to get in, around and out of the fortress with the pod and when he was captured (as he gave the four a chance to escape) he was taken to Mandrake so he would he punished for betraying his race, but Ronin step in and told him to flee with the other. After the pod crowned the new queen, he was finally welcomed in Moonhaven and was made a Leafman.

Jack could even be a Leafman like Nod, as he was trained and joined the ranks of the Leafmen because he was told to. He would have even quite his job once he saw Nod quitting his and decided to do the same, but after he heard what happened to the Queen and what will happen if Mandrake gets his hands in the pod, he offered Ronin, M.K. and Nod his assistants in their task of saving the forest. Once the pod selected the new Queen, Jack went back to being a Leafman with Nod as his partner and friend.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida is a Leafmen soldier who takes her job very seriously. Although she is the only female in the Leafmen league, she is a skilled fighter with both the bow and sword. She is often exasperated at the wandering Nod, lecturing him frequently on the importance of teamwork. When Rapunzel is first attacked by the Boggans, Merida makes it her top priority to keep her safe.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is a Rampion flower girl, much like the young girl Tara saves at the beginning of Epic, but bearing a resemblance to her magical flower in Tangled. Because of this resemblance, Rapunzel can heal her friends and to a certain extent the forest. This makes her a major threat to the Boggan's sinister plot. When attacked, Rapunzel runs to Moonhaven for help. There she meets Merida, who takes her to Nim Galuu's tree to meet Ronin. With Rapunzel's magic and natural radiance, she becomes or is portrayed as the Queen.

Fans have also portrayed her as Mary Katherine.

Extra CharactersEdit

Mary KatherineEdit

Mary Katherine's role is much like the one in the original movie. After recieving the pod and shrinking, she meets Merida. However, Ronin quickly disperses the Leafmen and continues on with MK alone. On the way they stop by to pick up Nod at Bufo's races. While waiting for Ronin to get Nod, MK meets Hiccup, and he shares a few bird riding tips with her. Later, Hiccup quits his job and joins them on the quest.


After leaving the Leafmen for bird racing, Nod meets Hiccup, the caretaker and trainer of all Bufo's racing birds, and later convinces him to join the fight. Some fans have traced Nod's design to that of Pitch Black's, using Nod as a parallel or incarnation of him in some way.

Dragon RidersEdit

When the Dragon Riders' dragons are portrayed as trained, saddled hummingbirds, their riders are portrayed as Leafmen. As their both skilled fighters on the ground and in the air and work together as a team. Their skills in Dragon Racing can also have them take part in Bufo's bird racing.

Pitch BlackEdit

Given his dark appearance, determination to spread his fears and had lost his own child, Pitch Black is usually played as either an ally or a stand-in to Mandrake, the leader of the Boggans. He is sometimes seen as Jack's father, when he is portrayed as a Boggan; sometimes as the prince of them.

Pixie Hollow FairiesEdit

Since the fairies of Pixie Hollow are small people living with nature and get a long with animals, they (without their wings) can easily be portrayed as Leafmen or as Jinn. With Pixie Hollow serving as Moonhaven, Queen Clarion as the Queen of the Forest and the Griffiths family as the Bombas.

Queen ElsaEdit

Princess AnnaEdit

Flynn RiderEdit

Astrid HoffersonEdit

Moana WaialikiEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit

  • Rapunzel as MK
  • Hiccup and Astrid as Nod and MKGo to
  • Edited movie poster showing Hiccup and Astrid riding a hummingbirdGo to
  • Anna as Queen Tara
  • Moana as Tara