Kristoff and Rapunzel 4

Kristel (also known as Kristunzel) is the name giving to the pairing of Kristoff Bjorgman from Frozen and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. They aren't as popular as Eugunzel, Kristanna, or Janna, but it does have several loyal fans.

Relationship Overview Edit

It was shown in Frozen that the events of Frozen and Tangled are in fact canon, as Rapunzel and Eugene were seen in a cameo attended the coronation.

When it comes to this pairing, it is kind of similar to Kristanna, since Anna and Rapunzel have a few things in common. Especially in appearance. This pairing would also be made for those who ship Euganna. Some people wouldn't consider them a pairing because some people believe that Rapunzel is the daughter of Kristoff and Anna, since she looks like Anna and has Kristoff's blonde hair.

Popular AUs Edit

Known Examples Edit

Fanfiction Edit

Mockup Art Edit

  • Kristel: Kristoff and Rapunzel
  • Kristel: Kristoff and Rapunzel
  • Kristel: Kristoff and Rapunzel

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