Vital statistics
Title Kjekk, Anna's Horse
Gender Male
Film Frozen (2013)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black and White (mane and tail)
Eye Color Brown
Family Unknown
Friends Princess Anna

Kjekk is Anna's horse, whom she grew up with and rode in pursuit of Elsa after the latter fled from Arendelle.



When Elsa accidentally revealed her powers at her coronation, she fled into the mountains. Anna decided to go after her sister and called for her horse in order to do so. After Kai brought her horse and cloak over to her, Anna reassured Hans that she would be all right during her journey before setting off to find Elsa.

The next morning, Anna and her horse had made their way through the forest while the princess called out for Elsa. However, the horse became startled by the howl of a wolf, and after a tree branch fell under the weight of heavy snow down in front of the pair, the horse bucked and galloped away in fear, leaving Anna alone in the wilderness. The horse made its way back to Arendelle, still frightened and panicked. Hans managed to calm it down, but the citizens began to worry about Anna's whereabouts. As Hans looked to the mountains, he decided to go in search of Anna.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kjekk displays the same speed and stamina that a well-bred stable horse is known to have, but does not appear to have any special skills or abilities.


As a regular horse, Kjekk does not use any sort of weapons with the exception of his hooves.

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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