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Kingdom Hearts AU (also known as KH AU) is an AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, RapunzelMeridaHiccup and Jack Frost are placed into the expansive universe from the Square Enix video-game franchise Kingdom Hearts. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This AU is considered an offshoot of Fairy Tale AU and Arcade AU.

About the AUEdit

Spawned from fanart, this AU places the Big Four within the Kingdom Hearts Universe, each inhabiting their own world within this universe and meeting Sora, Donald and Goofy through such circumstances.

How they meet one another differs between interpretations, either having their own fantastical journeys in their worlds (adding in elements from the video game's main characters, the Heartless, the Nobodies, et cetera) or meeting each other through circumstances in congregating hub-worlds like Traverse Town or Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden. In other circumstances, each of the characters gather together and become the main characters in their own stories, even being the wielders of their own keyblades.

Because the Kingdom Hearts franchise uses excessive elements from popular Disney stories, the likelihood of RapunzelMeridaElsaAnna, et cetera existing in the Kingdom Hearts universe is very likely.

This AU can also be an alternative AU with Final Fantasy AU, as elements and characters from the FF games are placed in the KH series. While the KH manga series makes it an alternative with Manga AU.

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Rapunzel CoronaEdit

The world of Tangled is said to be apart of the new KHIII game, as Sora and his friends meet, help, take part and learns from Rapunzel's story.

While here in the AU, Rapunzel is a Keyblade Wielder that has a light that shines as bright as the sun and wields a Keyblade that resembles her tower, the Golden Flower or her long, golden hair: with Corona's sun crest or one of Corona's lanterns as her blade's keychain. She can also be a young girl that companies and fights along right a Keyblade wielder, could take one of the seven Princesses of Hearts place or be made the eighth Princess of Hearts so she could sever as one of them (for being a princess herself), or could even be one of the Disney characters that Sora summons to aid him in battle.

In other circumstances, a Brunet Rapunzel can be portrayed as Kairi, while a Blond Rapunzel plays Naminé. As Kairi is Naminé's somebody and Naminé as Kairi's nobody, so two versions of Rapunzel (brunet and blond) can easily play the role of these two girls; as well as Kairi having a connection to light and Naminé having an interest in art. Her journal can even serve as Naminé's Notebook, as both books contain drawings of people's memories that are drawn from the their blond owners. Rapunzel can even be cast as Kingdom Hearts' version of Aerith, for her pink dress, kindness and being portrayed as her in Final Fantasy AU.

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Tinker BellEdit

In some of the first KH games (as Peter Pan's fairy), Tink is one of the Disney characters that Sora summons into battle. But it is possible that Sora and his friends "might" take part in some of the Disney Fairies tales; like the first Tinker Bell film, when they learn more about their small, fairy friend and become fairies themselves, so they can get around Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell is also seen as a Keyblade Wielder that wields one of the Peter Pan themed keyblades; the Fairy Harp and Pixie Petal. Her Keyblade can be designed to match the themes from Disney Fairy or resembles her talent as a Tinker.

Hiro HamadaEdit

A piece of concept art for the new KHIII game shows Sora riding Baymax as they take on a large, robotic Heartless; which could mean that Hiro and the world of Big Hero 6 are set to be apart of the in the new game.

While here in the AU, Hiro is a Keyblade Wielder that wields a Keyblade that resembles Baymax, San Fransokyo or his hero suit-armor.

Big Hero 6Edit

A piece of concept art for the new KHIII game shows Sora riding on top of Baymax, which could mean that the team are set to appear in the game.

While here in the AU, they are a group of Keyblade Wielders that posses their own Keyblades resembles their hero suit-armor, or the projects that they are working on at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and use with their suits and hero gear.

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