Katherinod (also known as MKnod and Nary) is the name of the romantic pairing between Mary Katherine and Nod from Epic (2013). Though it is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, it has many supporters for those who favor the movie alone.

Relationship OverviewEdit

When Nod and M.K first met M.K. wasn't sure about Nod due to because of his cockiness and only thought about himself, however after Nod saves M.K. from a mouse she comes like him a bit more.  Later, Nod takes M.K. out on a romantic deer ride, thus they end up falling in love.  Before the new queen returns M.K. to her normal size, although Nod did not want her to go, but they embrace and kiss and become a couple.  Later, M.K. and Nod still continue their relationship through Professor Bomba's video cameras and special helmets that allows M.K. to see and speak to the leafmen.

Although many fans were quite upset that M.K. didn't stay small and stay with Nod, however it is obviously hinted that M.K and Nod still love each other since Mub who also likes M.K., is still jealous of their relationship and that Nod and Mub still fight over M.K.'s affection.  Some people think that their relationship is bit too rushed and even after M.K. returned to her normal size, some people think it would be too weird for M.K. and Nod to start a relationship since they're both different sizes. Most fanfics either have M.K. return to MoonHaven shrunk again or Nod grow to M.K.'s size and have them stay in either one of their homes.

Interestingly M.K. and Nod's relationship has some similarities to Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert's relationship since Nod seems to resemble Eugene and M.K. seems to have some of Rapunzel's adventurous personality and also M.K. and Nod's romantic deer ride with the fireflies released in the evening is similar to Rapunzel and Eugene's romantic boat ride with the lanterns released in the nighttime.

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