Katherine and Kailash
Vital statistics
Title Kailash
Gender Female
Film Book only
Status Alive
Hair Color
Eye Color Blue
Family Katherine (adoptive mother)
Friends Nightlight, Ombric, Mr. Qwerty, North, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Sandman, Man-in-the-Moon
Enemies Pitch Black, Nightmares, The Monkey King

Kailash (also known as Mother Goose's Goose) is an orphaned Great Snow Goose of the Himalayas in Guardians of Childhood book series. She was raised by Katherine, whom she came to see as her mother.


Kailash looks like any normal goose, however, she grow to the size of a horse. Able to carry someone on her back.



Kailash coming out of her egg

Before Kailash hatched, her parents died in an avalanche that was caused in the battle against Pitch. She hatched a short time later, and believed Katherine to be her mother. Katherine, with the help of the Yetis and Nightlight, raised Kailash during the Guardians' time at the Lunar Lamandry.

Kailash is caring toward her friends and the guardians but is quite protective of Katherine. When Katherine was taken by the monkeys and later by Mother Nature, Kailash was depressed and was weeping.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kailash has some kind of healing powers due to healing Tooth's wing when she got injured from her battle against the monkeys that kidnapped Katherine.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Because the fandom follows the film more than it does the original novels, Kailash's appearance in the fandom differs from story to story.



Jack FrostEdit

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Pitch BlackEdit

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