Jopunnzy is the pairing name between Jonathan from Hotel Transylvaina and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. Even though it's not popular as Jonavis or Mavunzel, it still has some loyal followers.

Relationship Overview Edit

Rapunzel is an adventurer like Jonathan, but when Mother Gothel warns Rapunzel how dangerous the outside world is, she is afraid much like Jonathan when he realizes the people in the castle are actually real monsters. Later they both realize everything's not as frightening as they made it out to be.

For the relationship to work, most people have her stumble across the castle after escaping her tower on her own. Instead of meeting Dracula (like the pairing Dracunzel), she meets Jonathan first.

Later, usually at Mavis's birthday party, she ends up getting to know Jonathan and they instantly fall in love by the "Zing".

Others make Jonathan somehow wonder into Rapunzel's tower. As she did in Tangled, she acts skiddish as she she had when she met Flynn. In this scenario, they fall for each other when they see the lights together.

Popular AUsEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


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