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Jonavis is the name given to the pairing of Mavis Dracula and Jonathan from Hotel Transylvania. While it is not as popular as Javis or Mavler, there are still many fans who support the relationship.

Relationship OverviewEdit

In Hotel Transylvania, Jonathan mistakenly ends up in Hotel Transylvania, a supposedly human-free hotel, and is forced to hide his identity. To do so, Mavis' father Dracula dresses him up as a Frankenstein-like monster, calling him “Johnnystein” and tries to sneak him out of the hotel. But before he can, Jonathan bumps into Mavis and the two of them “zing,” or fall in love at first sight. Mavis, however, is unaware that Jonathan is actually a human. Dracula disapproves of the budding romance between the two and repeatedly tries to separate them, but is unsuccessful because of the liking that Mavis and the other monsters have toward Johnny. Mavis is fascinated by Jonathan’s stories about his trips around the world, as she herself has never been outside the hotel. Jonathan develops feelings for Mavis as well, and he even shows her her first sunset.

Eventually, Jonathan’s true identity is revealed, but Mavis reveals that she still wants to be with him, even if he is a human. However, due to the scared reactions of the other monsters and the seemingly upset reaction from Dracula, Jonathan chooses to leave her, leaving them both heartbroken. Dracula lets him go at first, but when he sees how upset Mavis is, he convinces the other monsters to help him track Johnny down. Dracula brings Johnny back to the hotel, and he and Mavis are allowed to stay together.

Mavis Johnny Wedding

Johnny and Mavis at their wedding.

In Hotel Transylvania 2, eventually marry and have since become parents to their son Dennis. The three are still living in the Hotel, though both have considered (mostly Mavis) to moving to California where Johnny's family lives. While the two are still close as a couple, they are at odds with one another when it comes to their son. Mavis is shown to worry for her son and takes every procaution to both keep him safe and healthy to the point of smothering him, while Johnny believes that he should have a little more freedom, feeling somewhat neglected by his wife.

Since Johnny is a human and therefore a mortal, many fanfiction writers like to imagine a scenario where Mavis bites him, turning him into a vampire and making him immortal like her. Some stories may also take place in an AU where both of them are human, and some others like to make their relationship a “forbidden love,” just to play off of the "monsters vs humans" theme of the first movie.

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