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Janna (also known as Jackanna or Melted Snowflake) is the name of the romantic pairing between Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Anna from Frozen. The pairing can be considered an extension of Rise of the Frozen Guardians and Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons. Though not as popular as Jelsa, Janna does have a large fanbase of loyal followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

The basis of this pairing begins with the bond; both Jack and Anna having spent many years of isolation, not understanding why and not having anyone to reach out to. This would lead them to find solace in each other's company because of their mutual understanding. Furthermore, they are both very fun and playful, therefore, they'd be bound to go on many different adventures together. In most fanfiction, this pairing exists in an AU where Anna never met Kristoff.

Additionally, a common theme is that the two are close friends who stand by one another to fight the loneliness of their existence. Like Jackunzel and Jelsa, people have portrayed this relationship starting out with a very young Anna and Jack enjoying each other's company in a similar manner to that of a little girl and her imaginary friend, the reality of what they have sinking in as she comes of age.

Also, Jack serves as a reminder to Anna of her lost childhood with Elsa, the magic she once knew, and the potential the sisters still have to be close. Anna provides very important moral support to Jack, never losing faith in him, even as he does himself. Another aspect that appeals to shipper is a balance between warmth and cold between them. While Anna would grow to not mind the cold as she gets closer to Jack, she would be the person to make him feel warmth. The pairing is usually portrayed in the fandom as an innocent relationship, either as best friends or young lovers.

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