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The guardians by graphitedoll-d5noakj

JackRabbit (also known as BunnyFrost and SnowBunny) is the name of the pairing between Jack Frost and E. Aster Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians. Though not an incredibly popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship. Despite being a slash pairing, the pairing is very popular into the RotG fandom.

Relationship OverviewEdit

It is made clear immediately that both share a rocky history with each other. Jack caused what is known as the "Blizzard of '68" (presumably 1968) on Easter Sunday, plunging the countryside in snow and ruining Easter. Bunny has kept a strong dislike towards the boy ever since. When the Man in the Moon made the decision to make Jack into a guardian, Bunny was the first (and only) to voice his displeasure, calling him "irresponsible", "selfish" and claimed that he doesn't care about children (even it was clear that this was not true). 

While Bunny keeps his guard up, Jack on the other hand keeps a playful demeanor towards Bunny, teasing him and playing tricks with him whenever he can. They continually push each other's buttons, ranging from annoyed reactions to hurtful comments. When Sophie was found wandering about the Warren, Jack helped the guardians (Bunny most of all), showing why they became Guardians in the first place.

When Pitch destroys the eggs (ruining Easter in the process), Bunny, in his despair, chased Jack away, believing Jack helped Pitch destroy Easter for his baby teeth. Later, after he lost all of his believers (except for Jamie and maybe Sophie), Bunny lost all of his power, reducing him into the form of a small, woodland bunny. At first he was not happy to see Jack, but he then forgave Jack when Jamie revealed to him that Jack sustained his belief in him. 

Many fans like to argue that they have a form of chemistry similar to (but a bit more aggressive) Frostbite. They start out as rivals, become friends and they soon learn of the shared heartaches the two of them could understand. Jack as a confused and alone child with no family or anyone to believe in him, and Bunny as the last of his kind with nothing but the magic of spring and hope of children to keep him going. 

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