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Inside Out AU is an alternate universe usually within Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons universe. In this AU, the characters of the Big Four portray the characters of as the emotions or human characters from Inside Out.

About the AUEdit

Featured Characters Edit

The Big Four Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

Hiccup is very jumpy at times in his films, leading people usually portray him as Fear. However some people portray him as Anger for his cynical attitude.

Jack Frost Edit

Jack Frost is usually portrayed as Anger. Instead of fire he shoots ice out of his head when really mad. Sometimes he is portrayed as Fear because he is sometimes jumpy. While his center being fun can also have him as a male version of Joy.

Merida DunBroch Edit

Merida is usually portrayed as Riley Andersen because of her personality. But sometimes she is portrayed as Disgust. Sometimes people portray her as Anger for her temper, passionate attitude and red hair.

Rapunzel Corona Edit

Rapunzel is usually portrayed as Joy because of her bright personality and her glowing hair. Sometimes people portray her as Disgust. Other times she is portrayed as Riley Andersen.

Extra Characters Edit

Queen Elsa Edit

Elsa is usually portrayed as Sadness because of her sad back-story and negative personality. This also because of Anna being portrayed as Joy and in Inside Out, Joy and Sadness bond similarly like how Elsa and Anna bond in Frozen. She is also portrayed as Riley Andersen. There have also been fans that have placed Elsa as Joy or Disgust.

Princess Anna Edit

Anna is usually portrayed as Joy because of her bright personality and her bond with Elsa (Sadness), she can also be portrayed as Riley Andersen. She is sometimes portrayed as Anger for fun.

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