Incredible Me (also known as Despicable Incredibles) is a crossover between the two CGI animated movies The Incredibles (2004) and Despicable Me (2010). While this crossover is not very widespread it still has several loyal fans.

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Gru is sometimes seen as one of the villains that the Incredibles battled with, before he took in the girls and quite villainy. The A.V.L. can even work with the people that help supers, before they took over their role of keeping people safe when the supers were forced into hiding; and later began to work side by side them again after the Incredibles and Frozone defeated the Omnidroid and saved Metroville. Or after they had helped Winston Deavor make supers legal again.

Popular ShipsEdit

Felonius Gru Margo Gru Edith Gru Agnes Gru Dr. Nefario Lucy Wilde Vector Eduardo Perez/El Macho
Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible Bonius/ Felob/ Grubob/ Gruedible
Helen Parr/Elastigirl Luclen/ Elastilucy
Dash Parr Dargo Edash Dagnes
Violet Parr Margolet Ediolet Violgnes
Jack-Jack Parr
Frozone Gruzone
Mirage Gruage/ Miragru Mirucy/ Lucrage
Edna Mode Ednaector
Syndrome Vectdrome Synmacho

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