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Icebreaker (also known as Ralsa) is the name given to the romantic pairing of Ralph from Wreck-it Ralph and Elsa from Frozen. Although it is not a widely popular pairing, it still has many loyal followers.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Although the pairing existed for a while, it quickly gained popularity after Jennifer Lee (co-director of Frozen and screenwriter of Wreck-it Ralph) admitted on Twitter that she supports the pairing. Ralph and Elsa have many things in common, the most prominent one being that they were both outcasted by their respective societies for their unique abilities or roles. Many fanfictions take place in an alternate universe where Elsa is a character in an arcade version of a Frozen game such as Frozen: Free Fall. Others may take place in a universe where Ralph is somehow transported out of his game world and into Elsa’s kingdom. Many fans appreciate this pairing because they feel like Ralph and Elsa would relate on a deep level and help each other grow as characters. Ralph would help Elsa stand up for herself, and Elsa would help Ralph learn to control his temper. Annoff is usually present in the background as a secondary pairing, Anna going to great lengths to push Elsa and Ralph closer as a couple.

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