How to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Vital statistics
Author Cressida Cowell
Illustrator Cressida Cowell
Published on 2007
Published by (UK) Hodder Children's Books

(US) Little, Brown and Company

Publication order
Previous Next
How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons
How to Twist a Dragon's Tail is the sixth book in the series by Cressida Cowell. 


The story begins with the children on a herding exercise for their Pirate Training Program. They're distracted by a huge fire rolling down the mountainside. They are saved by Humungously Hotshot the Hero, who soon becomes Hiccup's "bardiguard." Then while Hiccup is sleeping, Hotshot tries to kill him. Instead, he tells him about Terrifc Al, a jailkeeper who has lost a hand, his hair, a eye, and half a leg. He is actually Alvin the Treacherous.


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