Hirolt (also called Biro) is the name of the pairing between Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 and Bolt from Bolt. Though not a widely popular pairing, it does have loyal fans.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Instead of ending up in New York, Bolt finds himself in San Fransokyo and uncovers a young boy who needs his help. Still upset with the loss of his brother, Hiro didn't pay much attention to Bolt, until he tried to save him from Yokai. Cass Hamada allowed Hiro to keep Bolt until they can find his owner. Their bond is a bit like Penny's bond with Bolt: a boy and his dog. Hiro can also form a close bond with Bolt, from the times he spend with Penny.

Hiro can also be the one that adopted Bolt from the Silver Lake Animal Rescue (instead of Penny) and gave him "powers" (like he did for his friends), so they can take on Yokai.

Popular AUsEdit

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