Hiccup x toothless x jack frost by adrymidorichan-d7camos

Hijackless (also known as Toothjaccup) is the name of the pairing between Jack Frost from Rise of the GuardiansHiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship. As one of the more unorthodox pairings, this can be considered an amalgam of Hijack and Toothcup.

Relationship OverviewEdit

One of the more unusual pairings, Hijackless is composed of Hiccup, Jack and Toothless. This dynamic is most commonly done as a love-triangle, both Toothless and Jack begrudgingly sharing Hiccup while at the same time competing for his time, attention and affection.

Much like with Toothcup, this dynamic most commonly portrays Toothless as a human (or humanoid of some sort).

Popular AUsEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit


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