Hidashi (also know as Hirodashi or Tadahiro) is the name of the pairing between Tadashi Hamada and Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Some people frown on it like Elsanna and Twincest, but it already has loyal followers.

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In the film, Hiro and Tadashi have a very close relationship as brothers. Having lost their parents about ten years prior, Tadashi makes it his mission to be a good role model and sort of a father figure to Hiro--he cares deeply about his brother's well-being and tries as hard as he can to steer him down the right path, encouraging him to go to college instead of spending all his time bot-fighting. Hiro, on the other hand, is less open about his affection toward his brother, sometimes being extremely sassy toward him and becoming really annoyed by his brother's nagging (until Tadashi drags him to SFIT and he sees how cool it is). However, despite their arguments, the two brothers are often seen having more affectionate moments, often playfully wrestling, fist-bumping and teasing each other the way brothers do. Despite his sassiness toward Tadashi, it's clear that Hiro idolizes his brother a lot, and often looks to him for advice or reassurance. Many fans describe Tadashi as Hiro's "rock," who grounds him and pulls him in the right direction. Hiro himself admits in the film that he never would have gotten into SFIT without Tadashi's help. Their bond, whether brotherly or romantic, is something that many fans like to explore.

When Tadashi is killed in a freak accident, Hiro is absolutely crushed. The boy falls into a depression after his brother dies, and it takes a lot of effort for Baymax (whom Hiro sees as the last remaining shred of Tadashi) and his friends to cheer him up. Hiro's emotions are all over the place following Tadashi's death, to the point where he even tries to destroy Tadashi's killer Yokai in an attempt at revenge. Eventually, he realizes that violence is not what Tadashi would have wanted, and Hiro instead shifts his focus to helping a lot of people in Tadashi's honor.

In many AUs, fans like to keep Tadashi alive in order to continue his relationship with Hiro. At this point, Hiro is shaken up in knowing that he almost lost his brother and makes a point of showing him his appreciation and affection. This dynamic is usually seen as a platonic one, but some fans prefer to make it romantic.

In most fanfictions, their relationship seems to happen around the time when they are together, long before Tadashi dies. But, most people tend to really ship them when Tadashi gets hurt in the explotion instead of dying and becomes a survivor. That's when their love really sparks. Many fans ship this couple platonically (meaning to have non-romantic love). This revolves around the fact that they are brothers, and seem to be very close in the movie. While romatic Hidashi does have a loyal fanbase, platonic Hidashi seems to have more followers.

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