Hiccup's Prosthetic Leg
Hiccup's Prosthetic Leg
Vital Information
Title Hiccup's Prosthetic Leg, Metal Leg, the Leg
Film How to Train Your Dragon (2010), How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)
Status Available
Current Location N/A
Current Owners Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Previous Owners Gobber the Belch (creator)
...He got me back. Right, bud? You couldn't save all of me, could you? You just had to make it even. So, peg leg!
― Hiccup explaining to Valka why he's got a metal leg

Hiccup's Prosthetic Leg helps Hiccup to stand on the lower part of his "missing" left leg.


The leg is made out of metal and wood. The wooden section, acts like Hiccup's ankle is attached to his leg while the metal part, which acts as his foot, is hooked onto the wood.


Hiccup lost the lower half of his left leg in the battle against the Red Death. Gobber made him this leg, "with a little Hiccup flair thrown in" along with Toothless' new tail.

In Gift of the Night Fury Hiccup has gotten used to his new leg, but still slips on the ice—in fact, he does it twice. Toothless is usually there to catch him. The leg also plays occasionally pokes in the DreamWorks Dragons series; like it being repaired more than once, used as a weapon, Snotlout being jealous of it, carrying spares (for his spares) and more.

Hiccup has a new modified leg in the second film. It is shown to have a few gears in it and slots for the ends to rotate while being swapped (like the Dragon Eye). Dean DeBlois describes it as the "Swiss army knife of prosthetics." The new leg is able to change ends when turned, with one end designed for when Hiccup is flying with Toothless and the other used for when Hiccup is walking, able to switch between the two settings with ease. The third prosthetic part is like a blade with teeth for ice.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

The leg is sometimes modified for modern (pirate) and sci-fi crossovers.


  • Hiccup without his leg
  • Hiccup's new leg in Toothless' saddle
  • Toothless realizing he yanked off Hiccup's leg
  • "Peg leg!"
  • HTTYD2: Flight/Saddle Leg
  • HTTYD2: Walking Leg
  • Gobber fixing Hiccup's leg
  • Gustav holding Hiccup's prosthetic leg (before he starts to play with it)
  • His extra extra extra leg