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Hiccanna (also called Hiccna) is the name of the romantic pairing of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon and Princess Anna from Frozen. While not a widely popular as Hiccelsa, it still has several loyal followers.

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This pairing is fairly new to the fandom is sometimes used as a side ship to, most of the time, Jelsa or, other times, Jackunzel. Hiccup and Anna are both rather clumsy and socially awkward, but at the same time, friendly and charming. They are also both very loyal and determined characters who will stick by a friend or sibling’s side even if the whole world is against them. Since Anna is the more outgoing of the two, she would probably be the one to approach Hiccup first, most likely attracted by the adorable Toothless. She would also most likely fall for his handsome appearance. Hiccup would probably fall for her quirky nature and could take her for rides on Toothless, like he did with Astrid in the movie, which would make the previously closed-off Anna very excited. Most fanfictions take place in an AU where Anna never met Kristoff and Hiccup never met Astrid, or in a universe where both those relationships were disturbed somehow. Many people like to make their relationship lean more toward friendship, but there are fans who prefer to make them more than friends.

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