Hero's Duty is one of the games featured in the film Wreck-It Ralph where Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, her grunt NCPs, the 1st Person Shooter and the Cy-Bugs are from.


The game's arcade machine is located in Litwak's Arcade. It is accessible to players through the simple insert of a quarter, while game avatars can access it through the surge-protector.


Unlike Fix-It Felix, Jr., Hero's Duty is a modern day, high-definition first-person shooter game. Because of this, the physics and the AI characters that dwell there are designed and operate on physics that mimic the real world.  However because of this, characters can be prone to more modern video game-like habits. An example is when a random shooter-grunt Markowski would walk in-place against a wall at Tapper's. The technology appears incredibly futuristic with enhanced graphics, showing every contour and shine in them, including battle armor, laser blasters of different shapes and sizes, hover-boards, escape-pods and scouting ships.


The "NPC's" (non-player characters) of the game work alongside the Player (represented by a robot wielding a laser with a screen displaying the player that controls it) to help them get to the top of the tower, where they are to defeat a large group of Cy-Bug larvae to which they, in return, earn a gold medal with the word "Hero" carved in.

Notable LocationsEdit

The EntranceEdit

Alien WastelandEdit

The natural layout of the game consists of a seemingly endless wasteland on an alien planet locked in perpetual night. Winds blow dust and smoke across the wasteland endlessly. This is the first level the player plays through, shooting at random cy-bugs on their way to the tower.

The TowerEdit

In the game's plot, the Tower was the original science lab that the Cy-Bugs first spawned from. When the game is finished, a beacon similar to that of a bug-zapper shoots into the sky and destroys them. It is assumed that the different levels in the game can be found in the different floors. of the establishment. On the top floor, there is 

The ChapelEdit

Role in the CrossoverEdit


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