Herida (also known as Hansida) is the name of the ship between Merida DunBroch from Brave (2012) and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles from Frozen (2013). It is not a popular ship in the ROBTD fandom, but it does have a few devoted fans.

Relationship OverviewEdit

This relationship is usually an antagonistic one, as Hans is canonically an ambitious social-climber who only romances Princess Anna in order to gain her sister's kingdom. Merida is usually portrayed as the heir to her kingdom's throne (since trying to pick one of her triplet brothers as the heir could be problematic), so if Hans married her, he could become king more easily than he could with Anna.

This set-up can lead to two options for a romance fanfic. In the first and more popular option, Hans is a straight-up villain for the piece, playing a romantic false lead who takes advantage of Merida when she's vulnerable and weaseling his way into a betrothal. In this case, Merida usually defeats him in the end, either alone or with the help of the "good" romantic interest the author wants to promote.

The other option is to have the two form a dark, reluctant, and rather belligerent romance. This sort of story usually plays up the fact that Merida isn't as naïve and sheltered as Anna was at the beginning of Frozen, so she might catch on to Hans's agenda and start manipulating him herself. This could become a sort of crazy game between the two, perhaps leading to genuine respect for each other and perhaps love.

Popular AUEdit

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit

  • Merida x Hans. MY OTP by CheekyRobotGo to
  • Merida and Hans by leenjeALGo to
  • the threat by Eeemia12Go to
  • Merida/Hans 'GAWM' Mep part Photomanips by AudreySpektorGo to


  • HERIDA by DreemersGo to

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