Hansoffanna is the name for the threesome pairing between Princess Anna, Kristoff Bjorgman, and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, all from the movie Frozen (2013). It is not a popular pairing within the fandom, but it does have a few fans.  As one of the more unorthodox relationships in the fandom, this can be considered an amalgam of the HannaAnnoff, and Hansoff pairings.

Relationship Overview Edit

Anna is courted by both Kristoff and Hans in the movie, though the former truly loves her and the latter just wants her sister's throne. Those who support the threesome like the idea that, since Anna has feelings for both of them, she chooses to have a romance with both of them.

Generally, this presupposes Hans' redemption as a character, though not always.

Popular AU Edit

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Fanfiction Edit

Note: Only add examples from within the RotBTD fandom

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