Vital statistics
Title Guy
Gender Male
Film The Croods (2013)
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Friends Grug Crood, Eep Crood, Ugga Crood, Thunk Crood, Gran, Belt, Sandy Crood
"Belt, counter-measures!"
—- Guy

Guy is a wandering nomad who once lived with his own family until they died from sinking into a tar pit. His only companion ever since has been his trustworthy, pet sloth, Belt.

Appearance Edit

Guy has medium length brown hair, wide dark brown eyes, and tan skin with red stripes painted on his torso. He wears gray pants (held up by Belt the sloth) with bear skin shoes that make him look like he has paws for feet. Part of his hair is held back with a tie, he wears a necklace with three seashells on it, and he has wrappings on his arms. When Guy first makes his appearance he is dressed in a boar creatures skin.

Personality Edit

Compared to the Croods, Guy is notably more civilized and intuitive. He has learned how to use objects around him to his advantage, from making tools to hunt and gather and shoes for his feet. He has an expansive vocabulary and will often indulge in using advanced diction.

While considered "the sane one" compared to the Croods to the viewer, it is very obvious that Guy has been lacking in human companionship. This has caused him to be incredibly theatrical when around others - often accompanied by Belt in his antics - such as when he gives abstract hand signs and noises in order to explain how a trap works to Eep and constructing a fake Macawnivore in an elaborate plan to escape the tar pits. He has a hard time communicating with the Croods, being scared and confused by their savagery and strange way of doing things.

Due to the traumatic death of his family within the tar pits, Guy has the goal of "riding the sun" and "chasing tomorrow", something that he interprets as chasing the horizon to a better land to call home. He may also suffer from some form of survivor's guilt because of this, which may also attribute to his awkwardness to others.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Guy is a Cro-Magnon (aka an early modern human), clearly evident in his straight posture, creativity and lack of Neanderthal strength or savagery. He is not as strong as the Croods and is not part of the Croods' family, although he more than makes up for it with his intelligence and creativity, making and using various inventions, coming up with ideas, and eventually discovering how to make fire.

Weapons Edit

Throughout the film, he is shown weilding a knife, but uses fire as both a tool for survival against predators and basic needs.

Role in the Crossover Edit

Much like Mavis and Once-ler, Guy has been considered by many an honorary member of the Big Four - especially in the Dreamdorks.

Relationships Edit

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