Grug Crood
Vital statistics
Title Grug Crood
Gender Male
Film The Croods (2013)
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Ugga Crood (Wife/Mate), Eep Crood (Daughter), Thunk Crood (Son), Sandy Crood (Daughter), Gran (Mother-in-Law)
Friends Guy, Belt, Chunky
"Never not be afraid!"
—- Grug Crood

Grug Crood is the patriarch of the Croods and one of the main protagonists of The Croods.

Appearance Edit

Grug has dark brown hair along with a scruffy beginning of a beard. He has hazel eyes and has very big teeth. He wears a brown fur of possibly a bear and is heavily built. Because he is a neanderthal, he regularly slouches and moves much like an ape.

Personality Edit

Due to witnessing his various neighbors perish out of natural selection, Grug has become incredibly paranoid for the sake of his family. He believes that fear is something that should be listened to rather than conquered, leaving absolutely nothing to chance, his overprotective instincts leading him to impose this code onto his family. This leaves him at odds with his daughter Eep, who's free-spirit leaves him an emotional mess. 

By the end, he swallows his pride and agrees to work with Guy (who he has shown great envy towards) and soon finds courage and faith in himself and his family.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a neanderthal, Grug possesses great strength and stamina, being able to carry Guy (trapped in a hollow-log) for many miles without showing signs of tiring.

Because of his personal code, Grug has incredibly limited critical thinking skills and few original ideas. This has shown Grug to be rather incompetent in hunting and problem solving. 

Role in the Crossover Edit

While not often used in the fandom, Grug is grouped in with the various paternal figures in the fandom (Nicholas St. North, Stoick the Vast, King Fergus, Count Dracula, etc.) as is present whenever Guy and/or Eep is featured.


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