Gorg Super-Chip
Vital Information
Title Gorg Super-Chip
Film Home (2015)
Status Available
Current Location N/A
Current Owners The Gorg
Previous Owners Oh (the one he found in the fallen Gorg Drone)

Gorg Super-Chip is part of Gorg technology and allows other technology to match the Gorg's and make it "better".



The chips were used to power the Gorg Commander's drones, as he was the last of his kind and needed to retrieve the "item" that Captain Smek stole from him. Its possible that all or at least some of Gorg technology and devises have super-chips inserted in them and apart of their design.

The Boov, Oh and a human girl named, Tip came across one of the super-chips when their car was shot down by a drone and searched through the drone that they took down for parts. Oh was amazed that he came across one and explained to his human friend that they can "make anything better". Which was proven as the chip fixed the car the moment it was inserted into it and made the car "zoom" right to Happy Humans Town, the place that Lucy Tucci was brought to, along with Earth's other humans; and when they got there Oh pulled the chip out and raced to one of the Boov's ships. The Boov were worried that the Gorg had finally "got them" until Oh inserted the super-chip into their ship; the chip and how Oh got it made the other Boov listen to what Oh has to say and made them to appoint him as their new captain.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Since the chip can make any technology better than it already is, there could be those that want to match the same technology as the Grog and surpass any devises that can be build on Earth. Mostly by people that work at Keri Tech or those who seek world domination.

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