Gomax (also known as Baygo or Baymago) is the pairing name between Gogo and Baymax from Big Hero 6. Even though it is not as popular as Hirogo, it still has a small following.

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Their relationship can be friendship (like Hiro and Baymax) or a couple.

In this relationship, instead of Gogo showing her softer side towards Hiro, she reveals this side to Baymax first, unable to resist his motherly nature.

For the relationship to work, it follows the movie closely until she means Hiro and Baymax.

Through out the movie, when they become heroes to help Hiro. Because of the relationship that blossoms between them, she'd be the one to console Baymax down after Hiro switches his healthcare chip and replaces it with the battle chip to destroy the evil masked villain.

His deep concern for the health of others creates a bond between the two that breaks the barriers of her tough exterior, while Baymax comes to understand the differences between good and bad in humans.

In other words, they are like the physical forms of Yin and Yang, balancing each other out perfectly.

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  • GogoxBaymax
  • Gogo, Honey and Baymax
  • Honey, Gogo, and Baymax