Golden Flower
Placeholder Object
Vital Information
Title Magical Golden Flower, Rapunzel Flower
Film Tangled (2010)
Status Unavailable
Current Location Inside Rapunzel
Current Owners Rapunzel Corona
Previous Owners Mother Gothel

The Golden Flower is a beautiful flower featured in the film Tangled.It had the ability to heal any sickness or injuries, even mortal wounds, as demonstrated by Rapunzel, delay aging, as demonstrated by Gothel, though in that form requires constant use of the power.


Like its namesake, the flower is a bright golden-yellow and purple color, its petals able to glow in the dark. It glows brighter when it is sung to, a physical marker for when its magic is in effect.


A single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens, and from this single drop of sun grew the golden flower. One day, Mother Gothel discovered the flower, and chose to hoard its healing power for herself. She used it to keep herself young for hundreds of years, all she had to do was sing a special song dubbed "the Healing Incantation":

Flower gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt

Change the fate's design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

It appears that when the song is sung, the flower releases pollen which is breathed in and how people are affected by the magic. Even though Mother Gothel had hidden the flower, other people knew of its existence, suggesting that this flower was not the first of it's kind.


The flower brewed to cure the Queen's illness

As the centuries passed, across a lake from where the flower grew, a kingdom soon came into being. The kingdom was ruled by a benevolent King and Queen. The queen was about to have a baby, but fell seriously ill. Knowing that she and her unborn child would surely die if a cure was not found soon, the entire kingdom went searching for the flower.

When Gothel left the flower in plain sight by accident, one of the Kingdom's soldiers found the flower, and it was uprooted and brought back to the castle, where it was made into an infusion for the queen. Soon afterwards the queen recovered, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl: Princess Rapunzel. Rapunzel was born with the rest of the flower's ability through her hair, its magic only sustainable if the hair is left uncut. After Eugene cut her hair to stop Gothel from taking her, Rapunzel gave what remained of the magic to Eugene in a tear-drop to heal a stab wound that he received from Gothel.

In Tangled: Before Ever After is was realized that after the Royal Guards had brought the flower to the queen, strange dark, spike-like rocks sprouted from where it had grew. Rapunzel's handmaiden, Cassandra had brought her to the spot so she could see where the flower that had saved both her and her mother; when Rapunzel touched the "rocks" her long hair grew back?

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Though the flower itself is long gone, its magic is considered an important commodity to the Big Four and their arch enemies. Mother Gothel desires it to retain her youth. Pitch however, fears the powers of the flower and seeks to destroy it at all costs as he believes that it will restore what he thinks is his greatest weakness: his humanity.


  • Flower - Fullshot
  • Gothel on her routine with the Magic flower
  • Singing It's Sound
  • Guards Finding and Taking the Flower with them
  • Flower's head
  • Used for the Queen's Cure
  • The flower's magic passed on in Rapunzel's blonde hair
  • Rapunzel using the flower's magic
  • From Rapunzel's Tear
  • The spot where the flower was found by the Royal Guards

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