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Gocup is the name of the romantic pairing between Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from How to Train Your Dragon and GoGo Tomago from Big Hero 6. Although it is not a popular pairing, it has some follows. Much like Mavunzel, this pairing was spawned from fanart.

Relationship OverviewEdit

Gogo and Hiccup's relationship, right of the bat, could be a very interesting turnabout. The two are completely different, personality-wise. Gogo is very blunt, straight-forward, and isn't much of a conversationalist and Hiccup, being awkward, introverted, and quite empathetic, and because of Gogo's fierce personality (like most people), Hiccup would have a rather difficult time figuring her out, for which the way the two would meet is either; Gogo approaches him first or being introduced by her friends. Despite their personality difference, they strongly share a "daredevil-may-care" attitude, as accustomed for a need for speed, with this; both would enjoy each others company while they perform their dangerous stunts. Though because of this, they are prone to risk-taking and have come close to endangering themselves or the people around them (Hiccup; when sky-gliding, almost get himself and Toothless killed about three times, and Gogo; extreme driving in the "Yokai car chase" scene). Overall, the two can get along very well, as Gogo would often call him "nerd", Hiccup could do the same but Gogo would take that as an offense.

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