Gobbick is the name for the ship between Stoick the Vast and Gobber the Belch from How to Train Your Dragon. It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but it does have its supporters.

Relationship Overview Edit

According to DreamWorks Dragons, Stoick and Gobber first met when Gobber flirted with Valka, and Stoick took him to task for it. Apparently the ensuing fist-fight cemented their relationship as the best of friends; "charming Viking demeanor" being what it is, the two were inseparable ever since.

Stoick and Gobber went to battle side-by-side many times, and Gobber was Stoick's unofficial second-in-command. Stoick's son Hiccup worked as Gobber's apprentice from early childhood, and it's implied that Gobber helped raise Hiccup to some extent after Valka's disappearance like a godfather or "Crazy-Uncle". In How to Train Your Dragon, Gobber was always on hand to give Stoick advice about his son or about battles, and the two traded snarky comments on a regular basis. Hiccup himself was more willing to confide in Gobber than he was to talk with Stoick, leading some viewers to believe that Gobber was just as much a father to him as Stoick was, if not more so.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Gobber mentioned he had two reasons for never marrying. One was that he didn't want to deal with the drama of Stoick and Valka's relationship; the second he never mentioned, only saying tthat he had "one other reason" and leaving the rest up to Hiccup's imagination. Some viewers interpreted this as Gobber being gay (a theory supported by his voice actor and one of the directors), and speculated that he might have had feelings for Stoick, but never mentioned it because his friend was already married and he didn't want to disturb their relationship.

Whether not Stoick reciprocated such feelings is also up for debate. In the twenty years between Valka's disappearance and reappearance, there was certainly enough time for a relationship to have started. However, homosexual relationships between men had a significant social stigma in Viking culture, so it was likely that Gobber never talked about his preferences for the sake of his reputation. If Stoick felt the same way toward Gobber, any romance between them would have had to be secret.

More realistic interpretations of the relationship tend to lean toward tragedy. However, this can also be explored in the Modern AU, where Hiccup "having two daddies" would not be so problematic.

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