Globe of Belief
Vital Information
Title The Globe of Belief
Film Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Status Available
Current Location North's Workshop
Current Owners Nicholas St. North
Previous Owners N/A
The Globe of Belief is a term for a globe of the Earth that currently resides in Nicholas St. North's Workshop and in Pitch Black's Lair. These globes have unique, special lights that are located over all of the continents, representing the location of the children that still believe in the Guardians.

North's Globe of BeliefEdit

North's globe is located in the center of his workshop. It's painted green and blue for the land and sea respectively, adorned with details and notes, and is labeled by country, sea, ocean, axis, etc in Russian. It's clearly built in metal plating and is large enough for Pitch to stand on it.

Aside from displaying the belief in children, it is shown that the globe can summon an aurora that can stretch across the globe with its control panel.

Whatever else the globe is capable of is unknown.

Pitch's Globe of BeliefEdit

Pitch's Globe of Belief

Pitch has a similar globe in his lair. It is significantly smaller than North's globe (only inches taller than Pitch) and is composed of a single piece of metal, covering the continents and not the oceans.

The globe works the same as North, but Pitch tries to use his fear to turn off the lights.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

North's globe serves the same purpose as it does in the film; displays the belief of children and summons the beacon for the guardians. Fans however add other functions to the globe, adding setting to where they could show specific people, other spirits, the Guardians and so on.