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Fullmetal Alchemist AU
(also known as FMA AU) is an alternate universe in which the Big Four are portrayed as characters from Hiromu Arakawa's highly popular manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist. This can be considered an offshoot to Anime AU.

About the AU Edit

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric and his younger brother Alphonse attempt to resurrect their dead mother using a forbidden Alchemal ritual. The ritual goes wrong, causing Edward's left leg and Alphonse's whole body to be 'taken' as a toll for trying to transmute a human. Ed than sacrifices his right arm in order to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor. With help from their close childhood friend Winry Rocbell and her Grandma, Pinako, the Elric brothers replace Ed's lost limbs with mechanical replacements, called 'auto-mail prosthetics. The Elric brothers than go on a quest to find the Philosophers Stone, a powerful Alchemic tool that they could use to return themselves to normal. To help with this, Ed becomes a state Alchemist, or a 'dog of the military' at the young age of 12, earning the title of Fullmetal Alchemist, and giving the brothers access to money and other reasources. The Big Four can be portrayed as either the main characters, taking the place of the Elric brothers and their friends, or as friends, allies, or even enemies to them.

Featured Characters Edit

The Big Four Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

Hiccup can be portrayed as Edward Elric, since they are both prodigies in their respective jobs, Alchemy and Dragon Riding/Taming, and both have an artificial left leg. However, Hiccup's calmer and less overt personality is more akin to Alphonse, so Hiccup could also take his place. And Hiccup's prowess with hand tools and the fact that he built his own leg is similar to Winry Rockbell and her skill with auto-mail limbs, and when Merida is portrayed as Ed, because of the Mericcup pairing. Another possible character for Hiccup to be portrayed as is Col. Roy Mustang, due to the shared affiliation with fire the two have. Hiccup can also be portrayed as an auto mail engineer that the Elrics and Winry meet in Rush Valley, or as another Alchemist prodigy. When Hiccup is portrayed as one of the Elric brothers, Jack is portrayed as the other brother, and vice-versa.

Jack Frost Edit

Jack can also be portrayed as Ed, because they're both hot headed, wily, and older brothers. Because of Jack's invisibility in RotG, Jack can also be portrayed as Al. Jack is also sometimes portrayed as Winry, due to their similar personalities, and when Merida is portrayed as Ed because of the Jarida pairing. Jack can also be portrayed as Lin, because of there similar cocky personalities. Jack can also be a freelance Alchemist living up north near Briggs, specializing in Ice and Water related Alchemy. When Hiccup is portrayed as one of the Elric brothers, Jack is portrayed as the other brother, and vice-versa.

Merida DunBroch Edit

Merida is most often portrayed as either Ed or Winry, due to the similar personalities and tempers, and the Mericcup and Jarida shippings. When Merida is in the role of Ed, Rapunzel usually takes the role of Al. Should she be featured as an Alchemist, then she could have transmutation circles on the arrows (mainly on the arrowheads) that she uses with and shoots from her bow.

Rapunzel Corona Edit

Due to her calmer and more optimistic disposition, Rapunzel is often portrayed as Al. Rapunzel can also be portrayed as Winry because the two both get excited when they get around something they're really interested in, (auto mail for Winry, and exploring the world for Rapunzel), and also because of the Jackunzel and Hiccunzel pairings. Rapunzel can also take the role of May Chang, since both are princesses, innocent, more capable in combat situations than they look, and associated with a known criminal. When Rapunzel is portrayed as Al, Merida usually portrays Ed.

Rapunzel can also be a freelance Alchemist that focuses on bio alchemy, due to her connection with the golden flower and the element that she is given in Elements AU.

Extra Characters Edit

Queen Elsa of Arendelle Edit

The role Elsa plays in this AU is usually one of two roles: Ed, or Al. Elsa is portrayed as Ed because both are the older sibling, and both feel responsible for a horrible accident that happened to their younger sibling; her auto-mail arm is mostly featured with a icy blue color coating rather than silver like Ed's. However, Elsa's calmer and more rational personality makes her more like Al, so she is also portrayed as him. Her armored body that her soul is placed in can even be made to look a bit like Marshmallow.

Her blond hair, is known as the "Snow Queen", an older sibling, shown to be "dangerous" in the face of danger, comes from a aristocratic family and living in a Nordic land, can also cast her as Major General Olivier Armstrong. Her ice powers can even make her a freelance or a State Alchemist that specializes in ice and water Alchemy, using the transmutation circles on her gloves to freeze her targets by using any nearby water or the mustier in the air; much like Roy's Inferno Gloves.

Princess Anna of Arendelle Edit

Much like Elsa, Anna usually portrays one of the Elric brothers. She's portrayed as Al because she's the younger sibling, and as Ed because of her reckless attitude and her more hyperactive personality. Her armored body as Alphonse can be made to look like Marshmallow; much like how Baymax's 2.0 armor serves as Tadashi's armored body when he is seen as Al.

Kristoff Bjorgman Edit

Kristoff usually only is part of the AU when Anna and Elsa are portraying the Elric brothers. He portrays Winry, because the two share a lot of similarities: both loose their parents at a young age, and are raised by someone they call a grandparent, both are experts in their chosen profession, which they've been doing since they were little, and both fall in love with someone who loves them in return, but doesn't realize or admit it until after they do.

Hiro Hamada Edit

Despite his age Hiro is seen as Edward Elric, with Tadashi as an older Alphonse and Baymax's 2.0 armor as Alphonse's armored body. Hiro can even be a alchemist that wanted to see his brother again, with Baymax as a (human) friend that wanted to help him do it. Hiro's robotic skills, along with living with a relative after his parents passed away, could also casts him as a male Winry, or a young auto mail engineer.

Tadashi Hamada Edit

Tadashi is cast between an older version of Alphonse Elric (with Hiro as a younger Edward) and the deceased; the reason why Hiro (as a alchemist) opened the door.

Baymax Edit

Baymax's 2.0 armor acts as Alphonse Elric's armored body when Tadashis's soul is bind to it by Hiro, when he is portrayed as Edward. He can also be a alchemist friend of Hiro's, that agreed to help him bring his brother back and got his body taken as "payment", which later got his soul placed into a suit of armor by Hiro in an attempt to save his friend.


Since Heather is shown being an Alchemist in the online game School of Dragons, she can easily be an Alchemist that exists in the world of Hiromu Arakawa's magna series Fullmetal Alchemist. Since Heather's Race to the Edge clothing and weapon looks like that they were made from her dragon's iron like scales, she can work with and specialize in iron and metal related alchemy. She can even be portrayed as Alphonse Elric, for having an older, rash and short tempered brother; along with the role of Winry due to her knowledge of blacksmithing.


Since Varian is already an Alchemist, he can easily be placed as an Alchemist that exists in the world of Hiromu Arakawa's magna series Fullmetal Alchemist. Most likely as a young freelance Alchemist living with his father, Quirin. Varian's quest to save father and not looking too much into the consequences to some of his inventions, could have him committing Human Transmutation in an attempt to see his father again. The toll for his action will most likely have Truth take one of his hands (that he uses to bring his creations and ideas to life), and would use his gloves to cover up his auto-mail prosthetic hand and to hide the shame of his failure. While other fans have Varian trying to the find Philosophers Stone to free Quirin from his crystal ambered prison, or trying to make one when he learnt that they could be made; as there is a theory among fans that believe Varian is somehow connected to the black rocks. That theory could have Varian creating rocks just like them or something similar to them through alchemy, while the chemical formula that Varian had used to turn his pet raccoon into a large, monstrous beast, could have the young alchemist dabbling in the 'alchemic' field of Chimeras; which Rudiger's beast-battle form could serve as should he be placed as one.

In other circumstances, Varian can be portrayed as Edward Elric. As they both tried to use alchemy to bring one of their parents back, allowed their goal and rage of a people they blame to abuse their knowledge and skill of the science they practiced, and are working hard to fix their mistakes. One of Varian's revesve-engineered automatons can be used as Alphonse's armored body for a human version of Rudiger, or whoever is placed as the younger Elric brother beside Varian. Varian's skills in engineering can even place him as a male, younger version of Winry Rockbell.

Astrid HoffersonEdit

Astrid being a girl with long, blond hair, has a short temper and is deadly with her weapon of choice can cast her as Winry, with Hiccup as Ed for the Hiccstrid pairing. While wearing her hair breaded, has faced her fair share of danger and with Hiccup sometimes cast as a male Winry, Astrid could also be portrayed as a female Edward Elric.


Since Toothless is sometimes portrayed as a pet black dog, with a prosthetic leg for modern related crossovers, he could easily be featured as the Rockbell family pet, Den. As Hiccup is sometimes seen as a male version of Den's young owner, Winry. Dog Toothless could even be portrayed as the other black (and white) dog in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Black Hayate.


Due to the Alchemized Pixie Dust that Zarina created with a touch of Blue Pixie Dust, she can easily be placed as a ambitious Alchemist that exists in the world of Hiromu Arakawa's magna series Fullmetal Alchemist. To help fun her experiments Zarina joined the State Military so she could gain a grand for her research and have access to knowledge at the National Central Library.

The Once-lerEdit

Due to the Once-ler's darker and greedy side, as Greed-ler, he can be featured as Greed the Homunculus. He can also be portrayed Ling Yao, while his Greed-ler self can have him as "Greedling"; due to Ling "sharing" his body with Greed.

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