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Frozen Wings (also known as Secret of Frozen or Secret of the Frozen Wings) is a crossover between two animated CGI films; Frozen (2013) and Secret of the Wings (2012). In this crossover the main characters are Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle.

About The Crossover Edit

With similarities between the pixie and royal sisters, with fanart of Elsa and Anna as the Frost-Talent and Tinker-Talent fairies, Periwinkle and Tinker Bell as the Queen and Princess of Arendelle in the Fairies AU and Frozen AU, and from how Elsa and Peri had used their love to heal their sisters; this crossover was made.

Some believe that the first laugh that gave birth to Tink and Peri came from Elsa or Anna when they were infants.

Popular Ships Edit

Queen Elsa Princess Anna
Tinker Bell Elsinker Tinkeranna/ Annabell
Periwinkle Elswinkle Annwinkle/ Perianna

Popular AUsEdit

Popular EUsEdit

Known Examples Edit


Mockup ArtEdit



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MMD ArtEdit


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