Frozen AU
Frozen AU is a relatively new AU, in which the characters of Frozen are replaced with the Big Four. This could also a sub-scenerio for Fairy Tale AU and Elements AU.

About the AUEdit

This AU was created when a fan thought that the characters of Frozen fit the Big Four.


The Big FourEdit

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

In this AU, Rapunzel usually plays the role of Anna. When Rapunzel and her older sister Merida played their favorite game, "camping", they did stuff like climbing the marble columns (trees), building mud people (mud equivalent of snowman) and etc. While setting a campfire Merida accidentally shoots a small fireball at Rapunzel when she was setting a campfire in the ballroom, this causes Rapunzel to gain a small brunette strand of hair. They brought Rapunzel to the Troll King and healed but erased the memories of Merida's powers. Rapunzel desperately wanted to play with Merida again but Merida keeps shutting her out in fear of her powers. When the King and Queen died, Merida was so shocked she burned her room and almost set the whole castle on fire.

In the Genderbend AU, Rapunzel plays either Hans or Olaf.

Merida DunBrochEdit

In this AU, Merida usually plays the role of Elsa, except rather than ice powers, she would have fire powers. In their young years, Merida accidentally struck Rapunzel with her fire powers. After Rapunzel's memories have been changed, Merida had kept herself as a shut-in, not wanting to hurt her sister any further. (Sometimes, the roles of Rapunzel and Merida are inverted [Rapunzel plays Elsa and Merida plays Anna].)

In the Genderbend AU, Merida plays the role of Kristoff for her sometimes rough, but caring, personality.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Hiccup, usually, although to much surprise, plays the role of Hans - the deceitful prince of the Southern Isles. Hiccup would meet Rapunzel after her 'First Time in Forever' song. Rapunzel and Hiccup soon 'bond' during Merida's coronation ball, he proposes to her and she gladly accepts. When Merida hears about this, she refuses to give her blessing; but Rapunzel, in fear of spending the rest of her life trapped again, causes a heartbroken uproar. After Merida exposes her powers, Rapunzel leaves Hiccup in charge of the kingdom. His true nature is soon revealed when he and Rapunzel are alone. In the end, Rapunzel punches Hiccup and he is sent back to his kingdom awaiting for his punishment. Fans often use Eugene in this role instead.

Sometimes, in the AU where Jack is Elsa, Hiccup will play Anna. He is sometimes portrayed as a friend of Jack, rather than a brother. Rarely, Hiccup plays the role of Kristoff, a character that many fans argue Hiccup would suit better than Jack due to the similar relationships with an animal (Kristoff with Sven; Hiccup with Toothless), and being isolated from people at a young age.

Jack FrostEdit

Jack usually plays the role of Kristoff, the love interest of Rapunzel (who plays Anna), which is fitting since Kristoff was an ice harvester in Frozen. Sometimes, Jack will play the role of Elsa, since he has similar powers. On occasion Jack plays the role of Hans due to his appearance.

Extra CharactersEdit

Tinker BellEdit

Being a warm season fairy, having a winter fairy sister, dressing up warm for her cold environment, determined to keep her sister by her side, being healed by her and given "ice-skates" from her, casts Tink as Anna. With Terence as Kristoff, Cheese as Sven and Blaze as Olaf.


Being a winter season fairy, having a warm season fairy sister, wearing a icy blue dress, caring about her sister's wellbeing in the cold and helping her with ice-skating, casts Peri as Elsa.

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit




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