Frostler 3

Frostler is the name given to the pairing of Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and the Once-ler from The Lorax. Though not a widely popular pairing, it does have many loyal fans. 

Relationship OverviewEdit

Jack and Once-ler are both childish, fun-loving, determined boys at heart. Both of them also experience a sort of loneliness throughout their films, with Jack being invisible while the Once-ler is outcasted and ridiculed throughout most of his story (except for those few years where he was rich). In addition, both characters form a friend ship and receive help from a young boy (Jamie and Ted, respectively,) in order to make things better for themselves and to resolve their conflicts. Fans of the pairing believe that since the Once-ler is relatively child-like for his age, he would be able to see Jack and the two of them would become friends. Most fans also like to imagine different scenarios for their relationship- either Jack encourages Once-ler to just stay in the forest, or Once-ler falls into greed like he does in the movie, causing tension between himself and Jack. Another popular scenario is one where the Once-ler dies an becomes an immortal Guardian of the Forest, much like the Lorax. In this case, the pairing becomes much like Javis in which both characters are immortal and can stay together forever.  

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