Franny Robinson
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Film Meet the Robinson
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Cornelius Robinson (husband)

Wilbur Robinson (son) Bud Robinson (father-in-law) Lucille Krunklehorn (mother-in-law) Gaston Framagucci (brother) Art Framagucci (brother) Fritz Robinson (uncle-in-law) Petunia Robinson (aunt-in-law) Laszlo Robinson (cousin-in-law) Tallulah Robinson (cousin-in-law) Joe Robinson (uncle-in-law) Billie Robinson (aunt-in-law)

Friends Her husband Cornelius Robinson, her son Wilbur Robinson, her father-in-law Grandpa Bud, Lewis, Mickey and Friends
Enemies Michael Yagoobian (formerly), DOR-15
Franny Robinson is the mother of Wilbur Robinson, wife of Lewis "Cornelius" Robinson, the matriarch of the Robinson family, and one of the major characters of Disney's 2007 feature film Meet the Robinsons.

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Personality Edit

As a little girl, she is assertive and knows karate. As the story progresses, she is shown in the future composing her own music and teaching frogs to dance and sing in a big band and jazz musical style. She is a caring, charming, fun-loving and inviting mother and wife. She is extremely maternal and compassionate, shown when she offers to take Lewis in knowing he had no family, unsuspecting that Lewis is "Cornelius", her husband, from the past. As stated by her and her husband, she is "always right", even when she's wrong.

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