Frank full body-1-
Vital statistics
Title Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Monster, Frank (by Eunice), Franky
Gender Male
Film Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

Status Alive/Undead
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Eunice (Wife), Dr. Baron Victor Von Frankenstein (Creator)
Friends Jonathan, Mavis, Dracula, Wayne, Wanda, Griffin, Murray
Enemies Quasimodo Wilson, Humans (formerly)
"Guys, guys, would you calm down. She's a Dracula for pete's sake. But seriously though, watch out for fire. Fire bad..."

Frankenstein (also known as the Frankenstein's Monster or simply Frank or Franky) is a character from the 2012 computer-animated comedy film Hotel Transylvania (2012). He is an old friend of Dracula and a frequent visitor of the Hotel.


Frankenstein has light blue skin, green eyes, and black hair. He wears a blue suit with a white stripped shirt, red tie, and black boots. He is shown to be mildly overweight


Generally Frankenstein, or Frankie to his friends, has an easy-going personality and gets along with the others. His one outstanding quirk is his stereotypical fear of fire. His pyrophobia is so great, that he refuses to travel by plane and sends his body parts and that of his wife Eunice through the mail, reasoning that the engines on the planes could catch fire at any moment. He seems to find the Boris Karloff Frankenstein act (arms sticking straight out, walking with straight-legs and moaning loudly) mildly offensive, even though he begins to act as such in panic should he see open-fire (like a lit match). While not as extreme as Dracula, Frank also holds a fear of humans due to misconceptions the community has about them, which was presumably undone after Jonathan.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Much like the other monsters that attend Hotel Transylvania, Frankenstein is immortal. Like his wife, he is able to dismantle his stitched together body-parts with no ill-effects, and can even control his individual parts while in this state. He is also incredibly strong and extremely heavy (likely due to his immense size), the ground shaking as he stomps, and is even shown to climb a giant inflated version of himself in a short amount of time without signs of fatigue. He is also shown to be incredibly durable, being able to belly-flop into the pool from miles in the air with no ill-effect (though he did go to pieces). He is also known to short-circuit when he gets emotional, his head sparking up consistently.

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