Forces of Nature
Vital statistics
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Directed By Kyle Balda
Studio Illumination Entertainment
Distributed By Universal Pictures
Release Date August 7, 2012
Running Time 2 minutes, 14 seconds
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Stars Danny DeViro

Forces of Nature is a 2012 short film based on the movie The Lorax.This film was released alongside Serenade and Wagon Ho! the Blu-Ray / DVD Combo Pack of The Lorax, the August 7, 2012.

Plot Edit

The Lorax makes Pipsqueak an Honorary Lorax and team up to scare the Once-ler by using two sticks that looks like a monster's hand to freak him out. The Once-ler finds out it's fake and sprays water on the Lorax, which makes his fur puff-up. When the Lorax tells Pipsqueak that he's going to turn out like him, Pipsqueak gets scared and runs away. The short ends with the Lorax telling Pipsqueak that he lost his Honorary Lorax.

Voice Cast Edit

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