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(also known as Eugansoff) is the name for the relationship between Eugene Fitzherbert, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, and Kristoff Bjorgman. It is not a popular pairing within the RotBTD fandom, but it does have a few supporters. As one of the more unorthodox pairings in the fandom, it can be considered a melding of the Kristene, Eugans, and Hansoff pairings.

Relationship Overview Edit

The idea of this relationship is pretty new to the fandom, but a lot of people like to draw the three guys together thanks to their good looks. Generally it's believed that Kristoff and Eugene could become good friends, as boyfriend/husband to two different princesses. As Hans is a villain, pairings between the three either assume that he's been redeemed somehow or have the other two heckle him quite a bit.

Most like to portray the three as friends, but some enjoy the idea of them being more than friends.

Popular AU Edit

Known Examples Edit

Fanfiction Edit

Note: Only add examples within the RotBTD fandom.

Mockup Art Edit

Fanart Edit

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