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Eugelsa (also known as Felsa or "The Queen's Thief") is the name given to the pairing of Eugene from Tangled (2010) and Elsa from Frozen (2013)

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This pairing may commonly be shipped by those who also ship Jackunzel. Elsa, Eugene, and Rapunzel are also sometimes used to play the cast of Elphaba, Prince Fiyero, and Glinda from Wicked in the fandom.

The life messages for both characters focus on self image and negative freedom (escapism) vs positive freedom (being one's true self). 

Within this identity tale, love, acceptance, reformation, and second chances grant the deuteragonists redemption without introjection [def: "the unconscious adoption of the ideas or attitudes of others"], overcompensation, or feelings of childhood inferiority dictating the adult choices they make.

For example: the facade that was "Flynn Rider" was an imitation of a storybook swashbuckler to hide the character flaws, childhood agonies, and insecurities inside Eugene (as he, himself, calls his childhood a sob-story where no one accepted '"Eugene Fitzherbert"), while the facade that was "Queen Elsa" was an imitation of her father's expectations to hide the character flaws, childhood anxieties, and insecurities inside Elsa. 

As quoted by Zachary Levi and Idina Menzel, the deuteragonists later learn to "own who they are and love themselves unconditionally" after seeing the errors in their ways. Being accepted for who he really was and sacrificing himself rights Eugene, while being sacrificed to, and then accepted for who she really is, rights Elsa. 

One theme extrapolated in the fandom often revolves around children "not choosing" who and what they're born as, and therefore feeling estranged by it or the lack of free opportunities and possible discrimination society expresses towards it. 

  • While being a poor orphan accounts for children feeling "outed" or dispatched by the social world, Eugene's last name contains a prefix given to illegitimate children, most of which were admitted into orphanages at birth and scorned in the 15-1800s
  • Given that Eugene's profile exclaims he never knew his parents, and that everyone he knew ostracized, "Eugene Fitzherbert (which translates as, "Eugene, the illegitimate son of Mr. Herbert)", he correlates his "sob story" with his name after the difference in reception towards his birth name vs. his alias is brought up by Rapunzel when she says she likes Fitzherbert better.

What other shippers may create as a rapport between the deuteragonists is the childhood pscyhology that led to ecapism. The inevitable loss of parents, self-validation, proper role models, protection, and a strong family presence forced both to become emotionally independent while staying insecure about their true selves. They come of age without guidance, preparation, or support to help them face adulthood or society, and make irresponsible choices as a result of turning aloof. 

Others apply some lyrics of "Let It Go" to both of their departures from what they believed to be restrictive, "downer-sob-story" upbringings and their venture into replacing the past with a life of their own: 

"It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small. I'm never going back; the past is in the past. I don't care what they're going to say. That perfect () is gone. No right, no wrong - no rules for me; I'm free. You can't find me; the past is so behind me. Turn away and slam the door. They'll never see me cry. I know I left a life behind, but I'm too relieved to grieve..."

The outlawed peasant and exiled queen are later sentenced to death after being blackmailed. Although they were in the act of embracing their true selves beforehand, they faced the gallows with the possibility of not seeing the ones who loved them (for who they really were) again. 

  • Some shippers reenact Eugene's sympathy for Rapunzel's "locked up" isolation with Elsa due to her "being a deformity everyone will abuse" like Rapunzel, as the former is told to fear such people.
  • Other shippers romanticize Eugene "Seeing the Light" when Elsa "Lets It Go" like the audience of Frozen who, "felt motivated by Elsa to be themselves and let it go."
  • Another portrayal entertains the idea of Prince Eugene and Queen Elsa not being fully accepted by other kingdoms as ex-outlaws, so they bond. 
  • Some have Eugene encourage Elsa to "create the life she wants for herself and not the ones her controlling parents want for her" the way he did Rapunzel.
  • Some use politics, manipulation, prejudice, snarky innuendo, wit, and ambigious motives in an "outlaw x queen" setting to create a volatile romance. 
  • Others unite Eugene's role of "the sacrifical lamb" to service love and Elsa's role as the "God who must be sacrificed to" to acknowledge love after the former gleans from the latter's selflessness.
  • Few use Eugene's fixation on storytelling to have him recite "the story of The Snow Queen" to a campfire of children with the purpose of humanizing Elsa.
  • Others make them bond over their mutual love for childhood adventure books that featured self-surrogate heroes, as displayed in Disney's Frozen book, "Spring Fever." 
  • Some make them bond over Elsa being willing to do manual labor for the poor working class in the Disney book series, "Sisterhood of the Strongest Magic: All Hail the Queen," or Eugene comparing her to a storybook enchantress from a childhood novel.  
  • Others make them sour enemies with comical bantering before sweetening them with the collisive chaos of their canon plots as they relate on not being accepted for who they were as children. 

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