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(also known as Rapelsa and Rapunzelsa) is the name of the pairing between Queen Elsa from Frozen and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. It is not a popular ship in the Big Four fandom, but there are still many who support the relationship.

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Elsa and Rapunzel were both locked away from the world because of their magical abilities, but despite this, the two have very different personalities. Both of them were isolated by their family because the powers they possess, Elsa was born with ice powers while Rapunzel's hair have healing powers. Elsa was isolated by her parents because they thought it was for the best while Mother Gothel doesn't wanna lose her source of power. Elsa is cold and distant, while Rapunzel is bubbly and warm. Many fans believe that, much like Anna, Rapunzel's loving nature would bring Elsa out of her shell and cause her to open up more.

Several fans believe that the two might be cousins, or at least friends, but in some cases their relationship may blossom into romance. Their relationship is often portrayed as "sun and snow," both for their personalities and their magical abilities.

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